Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A sad goodbye to summer

Since I was a little kid, summer was always my favorite season.  Of course, when you are a child, summer seems to last forever.  It is still my favorite season, but now it comes and goes in the blink of an eye.  This year, I thought I was doing pretty well coping with fall in the garden, but I still have to pull frost-killed and frost-dying plants out of several planters.  Wash out the pots and store in house or garage.  Plant the garlic, transplant the thyme.  Plant the bulbs.  Cover the table, the chairs, the barbecue.  Eeek!  This is starting to sound like work.  Tomorrow is the day, but I may need more than one.  Ah summer, when one just stood around lazily with the hose.

I cope with fall foods better than fall chores.  With the cold weather comes thoughts of chili, stew, big heaps of pasta.  We've been living off a cauliflower, pasta, garlic, walnut concoction for  2 days, and it's really good,  Sometimes, vegetarian is a snore, but this has lots of flavor due to the red pepper flakes and the garlic.  Tomorrow we'll have pork chops in a cranberry-portwine sauce with fresh rosemary from the living room window.  Yup.  The rosemary is indoors.

I've been trying to finish my book, but four scenes required a POV (point of view) which isn't easy to do, because now  I am in another character's head, and you really have to strive to make them real, make them whole, and in this case, make them snarky, which makes the excercise sort of fun.  And I rewrote the exciting conclusion.  Now I have library books on Panama and Cuba to bring some scenes to life.  Hope it works.

Tonight we had to eat the rest of the bananas before they ripened into black and brownness, so I made a banana clafouti.  The recipe said 2 servings, but that would have been incredibly piggy.  
The photo is of a cherry clafouti because for some weird reason the banana photo wouldn't load.

I am going to read Leslie Wheeler's new book.  It is such fun when friend's books are published.  My Shadow Warriors will be up on the Kindle soon.  Yay! 

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