Saturday, September 04, 2010

We are blessed that Earl was a bust

Inland, not much going on in the way of a hurricane or even lashing rain and wind.  Just gentle rain last night.  A few already brown leaves on the lawn this a.m.  I did all the laundry yesterday and made sure to run the dishwasher, so if we lost power I would be THAT much ahead.  Now, I've got to carry all the plants back outside.  At least the scented geranium is repotted.

Yesterday when we fed the Highland Scottish cows they were very frisky.  I wonder if they felt the storm coming.  This morning the birds are gone.  Where did THEY hunker down?  Cats did not appear to notice anything.  They mostly notice food, grooming, catnip and each other (jealously).  The orange cat insisted on being brushed when I was trying to get the lumps of fur off Thisbe's lower back.  I think she is too fat to bathe back there.  Life's little dramas.

Beautiful fresh morning.  Ah, they should all be like this.  So thanks, Earl, for bringing a welcome rain and not much else.  Down the road, the golf tourney proceeds apace and the Red Sox play twice today.

Spicy fried rice for dinner.  Another great recipe where the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts.
Try this recipe

Cooking  never ceases to amaze me.  Open-faced plum tart for dessert.  We can't find any prune plums this year.  WTF?  I know they're in season, but the stores don't have them.  Lots of Italians in Boston, too.   WHERE ARE THE ITALIAN PRUNE PLUMS?   Inquiring minds want to know.  How can I make my beautiful tart?

Onward to more writing.   This is the most difficult ending yet.

The MAN burns tonight.  Ah, to be there, on the Playa in the shadow of the Black Rock, with the drums, fire dancers, craziness.  Zowie!


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