Monday, September 06, 2010

Close Encounters of the Avian Kind

Rubythroat at the feeder

Today I took a beaker of thistle seed into the woods to refill the feeder, frequented mostly by goldfinches and chickadees.  While I was in the woods, I spied the little Garden Gnome in his red cap.  Might as well take him in, too, I thought, since Earl convinced us to take all the extraneous candles, etc. into the house for the winter.  The dwarf was filthy, so I put him down while I stood on the highest step of the deck to water a plant and the plum tomatoes.  This accomplished I started hosing off the dwarf.  Down by the tomatoes a large butterfly.

No, a hummingbird, who came closer and closer until I could have touched him.  "Hi there!" I said.  He stayed right by me and then I realized it was the dwarf's red cap that interested her.  It was a she.  We stayed like that for a moment and she flew off and filled with  awe, I carried the dripping red-capped dwarf (gnome) into the house.

I wonder if other "hummers" have buzzed him in the tree crevasse this summer.   They buzz me when I am by the feeder, but this was special.  Resolved:  we will plant red nicotania next year.  I love my tiny birdies.

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