Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Bee and the Waterlily

Waterlily at Stonybrook Audubon Preserve
When we noticed the bees going berserk inside the waterlilies, I thought I was the first person to notice this.  Well, a Google search proved me wrong.  There were  any number of photos of bees inside waterlilies.  It must be a common phenomenon,   Who knew?  In the photo above, you can just see the bees legs.  He/she is upside down, lolling in the yellow center, doing weird drunken capers, totally UNBUSY, acting like no bee I have ever seen before.  

In the beginning, I thought the flower was exerting some malevolent force over the bee, trapping it.   Hey, this is a waterlily, not a Venus Bee Trap.   But the bee acted so enchanted, so powerless, drugged,  even corrupted by this delicous yellow pollen.  Drugged.  Like a hopeless   addict.  Not the busy little bee we see on the oregano blossoms.

Now I am wondering if there is such a thing as  Water Lily Honey.  Because I sure would like to get myself some.  It must be wondrous and potent and maybe even life changing.   Do you think a Google search will find it?  

Again:  who knew?


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