Thursday, August 26, 2010

Writing yourself into a corner

Ye gods!  The ending of my novel was getting more and more complicated trying to get one of the characters from Panama to Reno with suitcases stuffed with two millions dollars.  I had learned how much it cost to charter a jet (lots) and what custom forms you needed to bring in money and what happens if you lie and get caught (really bad stuff) and after surfing the web so long I wore out my metaphorical board shorts, I realized I was adding at least 10,000 more words to this already kind of long novel. 

So I figured out another scenario that involved only a short flight (no jet charters) to Colombia instead of this 3400 mile trip. 

Now one of the characters needs to escape from the bad guys in Panama, lest they throw her out of the  plane en route.  I already had a character escaping by changing his appearance.  I can't hardly do that twice.  I am thinking pepper spray or mace.  What every woman needs in her handbag to get her out of a jam. 

Querying like mad for my Burning Man book since the man will burn in 10 days.  


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