Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Peace now!

The "Orange Outrage," also known as the Interloper, and lately known as Someone I May Eventually Like.  This cat is so smart.  He's been biding his time, quiet and effacing without being a pansy.  What he would like do to most is to go outside and each all the birds and chipmunks some respect.  He knows enough to take the high ground.  As a fellow cat, I respect these things. I would like to teach the chipmunks respect, too.   Last night we had another face-to-face and after my mistress calmed me, I was pretty cool with everything and we weren't more than a few feet apart and both chilling. We got treats for behaving so well.

  I smelled his food dish and didn't eat it, as he has been respectful of mine, and we share the litter box with no issues.  Well, I have issues about burying, but we won't dwell on those.

His smell is all over the house, as is mine, and it doesn't make me freak anymore.  In fact, I haven't freaked for days and we are no longer kept apart except for one daily socialization.  We're happy to be indoors in the terrible heat that makes a cat shed fur by the carload.  It must make him think of his old home in Northern Nevada where coyotes howl outside of town.  Makes me nervous to think about coyotes.  I would be a meal and a half.  Yikes!  Maybe they would devour the neighborhood chickens first.  I think I'm too big for the fox, but my mistress thinks otherwise.

This afternoon we can enjoy naps, baths and more naps.  I excel at napping.

Thisbe, at peace at least temporarily

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Anonymous said...

What a handsome fellow I am? A real ladies man. Unfortunately, the resident female is a she-dragon, cerainly no lady. I ain't scared of no foxes or coyotes. Bring 'em on!