Thursday, July 01, 2010

Another Face to Face

So there I was yesterday, schmoozing with my mistress in her bedroom, when in walks the house guest (HG) carrying this intruder.  My god!  He's still here.  I had hoped my nose was deceiving me.

He spat!  Viciously.
I spat!  Just as vicious.

We were separated, and he went back to the guest room.  I sniffed at the door with a ferocious big tail.  Then I was able to calm myself and go downstairs.  I overheard that he, too, had calmed himself.  So this event was not as stressful as prior ones, when my fear made me go ballistic. 

I suspect he's been eating my food and using the litter box, a cat's most private place.  What have things come to?  I think I'll retreat to my basement.  My mistress is always solicitous of me when I'm in a funk.


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