Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer at our House

"Low key" describes our summer routines. Gardening, reading and drinking (everything from lemonade to margaritas) on the deck. Bird feeding, bird watching (see photo) grilling, informal cooking (see photo), swimming (eventually), writing, entertaining, houseguests, trips to New England sights. Lately, we have had soccer, golf, hockey, basketball, baseball on television.  Sports overload.

I watched the season finale of Treme last night. Very moving. What a great show. The actors are so fine.

At last I'm getting into I-Bank, which I have bought to replace Money 2002, after a not-so-good experience with an Intuit product which did not have the functionality I have come to expect. You wouldn't think home finances would be so difficult. Why Microsoft didn't just sell Money continues to mystify me.

My soul loves working in the garden, but my back and knees don't. What to do? Leftovers from grilling tonight: chicken breast, zucchini, peppers. We have a salad of tomatoes and avocado with lettuces from the garden. Black beans (cooked with onion and garlic) are garnished with Mexican cheese and cilantro and basil from the garden. I love those three little words "from the garden."

We grilled corn in its husks yesterday, a first for me, and it came out with an excellent smokey taste.  Now back to writing and associated tasks.  There are a lot of "associated tasks" that go with writing.  Who knew?


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