Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sisters In Crime

When we took a field trip to the Norfolk County Jail, the jail admin were amused by the group's name, Sisters In Crime.  We're having a meeting  today, the Sisters, not the jail admin.  We always have a brunch to which everyone brings goodies.  I made a raspberry yogurt cake (2 boxes of fresh raspberries) because I wanted to try the recipe, and you do not ever, ever, bake a whole  cake for two people who are on a perpetual diet.  No!  It must be shared.  We took a taste of it yesterday, to make sure that it was "fit to eat."
It was.  Decidedly.  Possibly more so now, as I put the glaze on this morning.  Here is the link to the recipe. Epicurious rocks!  Good stuff from the late, lamented Gourmet and from Bon Appetit. raspberry yogurt cake

This week I'm cooking for a dinner after a memorial service.  I volunteered for appetizers and desserts for 20-25 people.  The service is in New York, so the cooler on wheels will be put into service.  I have a funny feeling of deja vu that I blogged about this earlier.

The appetizers will be a savory cheesecake with smoked salmon, cheese straws with pimenton, and the retro, always tasty hot artichoke dip.

Desserts are:  Lemon loaf cake, pecan pie bars, and rhubarb crumble cake.  Both the loaf cake and the pie bars can be made will in advance.  The person who would immensely enjoy the food is the one the memorial is for. 

Back to the Sisters.  I recall going to the first event where I heard of the group.  It was a book event at the Boston Public Library and I never saw the then president, J. Danyne Lamb,  since, but she got me going.   Must be close to 15 years ago.     I've met some fabulous writers including the group that published my short story, "Bad Trip," last fall.   Still awaiting "traditional" publication.  And waiting.  Recall the name of this blog.

There was a great article in the weekend Wall Street Journal about Steig Larson and his writing and untimely death.  A writer's worst nightmare.  A long-awaited publishing contract, and then you die before publication, before best-sellerdom and movies and all the hoo-hah.  I really feel for the man.

I'm heading for the showers.  Lovely spring day.  Perfect for a drive thru the countryside to visit with my Sisters.  We're reading works in progress today.  I'm introducing Lotto, the Colombian Drug Lord who plays against all the stereotypes.  What fun.




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