Monday, May 10, 2010


My driver's license is expiring after five years.  The registry no longer automatically sends you a notice, and S.O. totally forgot his when he had a birthday this winter.  We also discovered the nearest registry office to us has been closed, but it's still on the web and there are signs on the roads, and no one would ever know that he/she will arrive to be greeted with a closed sign on the door.  Major bummer.

Today the calendar  said that Grapeshot should renew her driver's  license.  I did my hair more or less nicely, and  put on a sh__load of makeup, looking like  hos 'r us in the bathroom mirror.  Or maybe clowns 'r us.  The GPS was still programmed from two months ago for the wilds of Milford.  Off I went.

There was a huge line and a  50 minute wait.  I recalled weird trips in the old days to the Registry by North Station, and a united nations of folks trying to get licenses.  I remember arriving at noon and being in a long line when the window was closed due to lunch and we were left to scramble to other lines. 

The Milford setting, complete with chairs and TV was a big step up.  I read about financial software for MAC and began another novel (reading not writing).  My number was called.  Eye test passed.  Money changed hands.  My photo was taken. The first one looked like I  had been sentenced to 10-20 years.   Eyes closed in the second.  A hideous shit-eating grin on the 3rd.   10-20 it was. And old clown face with way too much makeup was bleached into nothingness.  No eye makeup, no  blusher, no lipstick.  Pale as the proverbial ghost. WTF? 

Hours later, at home, I was still marvelling at the make up reversal. If I ever show up again, I'm going to plaster it on with a spackling knife.

Sentenced to  10 - 20 according to her new driver's license photo,


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