Friday, May 07, 2010

Publish or Perish Can the iPad topple the Kindle, and save the book business? by Ken Auletta

So, our New Yorker, which usually arrives on Thursday, is MIA today, and I had to go to the New Yorker website to read Ken Auletta's story about the IPAD, the Kindle and the book business.  These days, I am always of two (maybe three or four) minds about the book business.  Love books, love to read, love my kindle,  but on the other hand, publishing has not been kind to me, and I have more rejections than a writer ever wants to see.  So when I read that publisher's are on the ropes, there's a bit of schadenfreude involved. 

I checked out O'Reilly Media (no fiction) and Open Road Integrated Media, an e-book venture, but Open Roads indicated that submissions were by invitation only.  Well, La-di-dah!  One always thinks that maybe a new venture with sorta new technology may be open to all, or at least all might apply, but such is not the case.  "By invitation only"  is a loaded phrase that smacks of "peons and lesser mortals need not apply." 
Tomorrow we're going to a book party for Puzzle the wonder dog, and a doggie cake is promised.  Can't wait to see it.  On Monday is an event in honor of the late Robert Parker.  Our life revolves around writing.   
Dilled shrimp salad tonight.  We always go for lunch on the Saturday before Mother's Day to avoid the madding crowds.  Roche Brothers had lots of specials for those who would buy prepared food rather than cook it.  Kind of sad, really.  For heaven's sakes people, take Mom out. 

Found a few more agents to query.  Right now I think I'm just going through the motions, not really even expecting a response. If someone actually responded and asked to see some pages, I would probably faint.    In the publishing business, until you have an agent or a book contact, the customer is lower than whale shit. 

Obviously, from the tone of this post, I'm sucking hind teat again.   The thing is, my novel is actually going quite well, an I'm closing in on the exciting conclusion.  Give the reader a good ending, for God's sake.  Don't you hate stupid contrived endings?  Do you like heroines who burst into tears every five pages?  
Not me. 
I keep receiving a message "post not saved due to form errors," so I better hit the "post" button.  The font has gone berserk.

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