Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love in Bloom on Glue Factory Pond

Glue Factory Pond!   Now, isn't that a name to conjure with?  It's in Foxborough, and quite scenic, surrounded by grass and bushes and bisected by a local road.  There is indeed an old glue factory which has been turned into small businesses.  People fish in the pond, and there's always a contingent of Canadian geese about.  There were white geese, a threesome for the longest time.  Babies would come in the spring, and usually disappear.  Last year ALL the white geese disappeared.  Gone!  A fox?  A coyote?  Man?

Of course, this is a question that will never be answered, which does not stop me from brooding and wondering.  This year a swan appeared, but there was no way to tell him/her to fly to the Audubon preserve in Norfolk, where an equally lone swan swam.  A week ago, a second swan appeared.  Big excitement, and then I only saw one again.  Today, they were both there and seem to have bonded.  Hanging out, eating swan food from the bottom of the pond (with white butt in air) and there were some ducks and some Canada geese, so life was good on Glue Factory Pond.  In the winter there are seagulls.

In spite of the most unpoetic name, Glue Factory Pond is a pretty cool place.

We saw the ducks in the slough again, and the frog chorus is loud and insistent, singing in the evening hours.  I've seen a few birds after the terror of the hawk.  Even heard the dove, whom I was sure would be a goner.  Hope the hawk is gone.  I love my little flock of birdies.

Everything broke into bloom at once, and the world is beautiful.  The swans would agree.



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