Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dove Sta Amore

Some observations about doves.  Both in our old neighborhood and here, we always had 3 doves hanging out together, a little menage a trois.  A week or so ago, when the snow started, they huddled together under the picnic table on the deck, where I have been throwing out bird seed.

A few days ago, there was a thud against the window and some poor sparrow, according to the book a swamp sparrow, who had been hanging out with the chicadees and juncos came to grief.  I watched and watched and finally he flew away.  Whew!  Did not want to bring him in for the night and plop him into the cat carrier.

Driving along I-495, we saw 40 or so doves on a wire, and fifty yards from there a hawk sitting in a tree top.  Didn't seem to freak out the doves, although one of them would have made a tasty meal.  Twice today I saw them swoop, go into formation and then settle on an electrical wire.  There seems to be some method to this, but I don't know what it is.  You can watch and observe your entire life and still not know the answers to practically anything, at least in the natural world.  I can't even figure out whose footprints are along the edge of the yard.  Not deer, bear, coyote, fox, raccoon, rabbit, skunk, squirrel, etc.  Who be it?  No idea. 

There was a disturbing article in the Wall Street Journal (Friday) about the end of the slush pile, just what a scantily published writer doesn't want to see, and another great article today about the popularity of the Scandinavian detective novel.  I am reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and after a slow start, it is now so scary that I can't read it before bedtime.   I loved the Wallendar series on PBS, too.  Good stuff.  I don't know who wrote the detective article, but it was thoughtful and well-researched.

I found the link for you, and the author is Laura Miller.  A good read!

I found a great (so far) calorie counter on the web, googling free calorie counter.  Ye gods, some of them charged.  Since we eat a non-standard diet (no fast food, no takeout, no pizza) but a lot of ethnic dishes and retro faves cooked at home--with few prepared foods, I was dubious about finding the right tool, so I Googled "stuffed pork tenderloin" and "breaded pork tenderlion" and "goulash soup."  Guess what?  They all popped up on the calorie counter I finally picked.

What happened was, after our guests left, I had an unopened jar of peanut butter in the house and while I was debating whether to keep it or send it to the food pantry, I unaccountably found myself removing the lid and taking a knife and digging out a big portion.  That was last Sunday.  There is one helping left, which means I ate 2280 calories of peanut butter (no crackers, no jelly) this week in addition to my usual food, and the scale heralded the bad news this morning.  Hence the calorie counter.

I am not a person who likes any kind of diet, and the more rigid, the more preachy, the more "sincere" the more I want to race out of the house for a double cheeseburger, fries and a half-bottle of wine.  There is indeed something contrary about my personality.  Just like my dad.  Well, we know about the apple and the tree and how far it falls.

 I washed out of weight watchers either three or four times, until I lost count.  I mean, who had time to count points and you could eat a pile of sh__ but no butter, and I don't do butter substitutes.  Never.

South Beach diet was o.k., good recipes, but I didn't really lose much weight, because I don't do weird non-foods like "fat free half and half."  Ever read the ingredients on something like that?  Cripes, it will kill you. 

Dr. Atkins and I saw eye to eye, all that meat, all that fat, yum, and no boring potatoes or bread.  Except I spent the winter on the road and gained it all back.  Motel breakfast bars are just not calibrated for a high protein low carb breakfast. 

So it stood.  Lost the weight I gained last Christmas and kept it off thru January 5th, and then this week there was the incident of the peanut butter.  It is one of my "no control" foods, so I don't keep it in the house.  Fried chicken is another, but of course, you don't run into the kitchen and quick fry up a chicken and we are far enough away fromt the "Colonel" that this isn't a problem. I permit myself  7 Roche Bros. honey stung drummies for lunch ever so often.  About half a pound and it's mostly bones.  The lovely bones.  Everyone is panning the movie.

This post makes up, I hope, and thanks for sticking with me, for all the posts I haven't done lately.  Many tasks, with people and aggravations I don't want to discuss on the web.  Taking an on-line course on "Revision."  Revising Promiscuous Mode. 

Finally I have 3 ideas, one for each day between Denver and Reno for "In flight" and also my new Drug Lord scene.  So that's coming along if I could just write it.  And a terrible, awful idea for the climax. A really good twist.  Fortunately, no unfortunately, I'm not writing to deadline.  Only self-imposed, and I should get my butt planted on chair.  Actually, it has been, but I've been doing other computer stuff.

I'm learning Garage Band, too.  Not bad for an old broad.  Anyhow, onward to the sorting of the pile of paper on my desk, a few quick tasks, and then dinner.  The stuffed pork tenderloin.  I  just used Pepperidge Farm stuffing, a processed food, but it's a good quality brand.  We buy them the tenderloins as BOGOS, buy one, get one,  and it's good quality lean protein.  I like good quality lean protein, just like the flank steak earlier in the week.  The trick is not to eat too much, but enough so that you don't hit the PB at 11:30 p.m.  There's a trick to everything isn't there?

Such is life.


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