Friday, December 04, 2009

Tra La La! PC to MAC in 24 easy hours

I did it! Yahoo! On November 30th, we schlepped the dying Dell, now slow as molasses in January off to the new Apple store at Legacy Place in Dedham. Spent an hour getting "things" set up and left the Dell in their hands. Twenty hours later, almost everything was loaded onto the new Mac Mini, so small and fast that it's awesome.

Then I converted email account. Yesterday I figured out how (not without some study) to move my "favorites" from AOL for PC to AOL for MAC. I figured out the more advanced mail merge, lots of pain there, but analytical skills trumped confusion. Downloaded the coupon printer. Started the Time Machine Backups.

Oh did I mention? S.O. and I, the least MECHANICAL of folks, hooked up the printer, the monitor, the mouse, the Kodak loader, the computer, the speakers, the keyboard, yada yada in a little over an hour. Think of the nightmare of cords. Oh, and did I mention the cable modem? Yup. Then we turned on the Mac Mini and guess what? Everything worked.

Call the pope! It's a miracle.

The learning curve doesn't seem to be too steep. I'm signed up for the one-on-one sessions, because I intend to become a MAC guru, too. Garageband, here I come. Safari is cool. I don't know all the tricks, hell, I hardly know ANY of the tricks, but I'm up and running. Running Fast. Running Smart.


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