Monday, December 14, 2009

O Christmas Tree

One of the many Mohonk Mountain House Christmas Trees. The one in the dining room was huge, the largest indoor tree I've ever seen. It had lots of animals and pine cones adorning it, including a family of opposssums hanging upside down. So charming.

Oh dear, the food at breakfast and brunch was so very copious and it was with some trepidation (as always) that I stepped onto the scale this morning. No damage done. Must have been all those stairs I climbed, or maybe sweating off the pound during the horrendous drive home in the weather.

The smell of the wood fires burning in the fireplaces gave the hotel such a homey smell. No gas logs can compare with the real thing, just as no fake tree can compare with a real tree.

And real butter in the baking. If you don't do Christmas "real" why do it at all? I bake from my mother's old recipes and they are so good. We hang ornaments all the way back to great Grandma, a skinny old Santa who is priceless, and the cardboard angels. I love animal ornaments and have a whole collection. Even an armadillo I bought in Arizona.

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