Saturday, November 07, 2009


So there I am last night, looking around at intermission to see what the female Handel & Haydn attendees are wearing. It was there I discovered the tailored jacket was passe, although there are still a few of them about. The black and white jacket seemed to be in ascendancy, but of course, this being Boston and a sort of old crowd, maybe the black and white jacket was big two years ago. Who knows?

The lights dimmed and the Haydn symphony began, and right in the middle of everything-- whammo! I had the idea that Festival Madness should begin when my character lands in Reno. This is like on page 100, of the book, and would be a huge rewrite.

The thing is, nobody likes the beginning except moi, nobody has said one good thing about it. When you get turned down sometime like 50 times it is time to take heed. I had thought of this before, and decided it was too crazy, and besides the beginning is good. But it ain't good if nobody likes it.

Of couse, the current WIP is almost 80,000 (count [em) words along, and my heroine is heading for Nevada, where the denoument (we like big words sometimes) will occur. I hope to finish the first draft sometime this winter. Then I was going to get back to the California book. But now, Festival Madness calls again. With a huge rewrite. Damn. I've never written a book that wasn't chronological. Maybe it's time. What think you?


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