Sunday, October 04, 2009

A cool, damp picnic!

Must be New England! PEN is having its year end picnic and they are honoring Kate Mattes, owner of the late, lamented Kate's Mystery Bookstore on Mass Ave in Cambridge.

I have a fleece pullover which will keep fall breezes at bay. Last night the folks at the ball game were bundled up. Fall, even late fall is here. I swore I wouldn't wear corduroys before Oct. 15th, but yesterday I broke my promise to myself. Ah well, no matter.

I'm making chicken/walnut/dried cherry sandwiches on wheat bread to take to the picnic. I think the recipe is from an old Gourmet. I used to save my food mags, and then all of a sudden (well, not really, it just seemed that way) I had twenty (20!) years of Gourmets. Now I save the Thanksgiving, Holiday and Barbecue issues and clip recipes I might try from the rest. Sometimes I'll keep a recipe for 10 or more years before the occasion arises, (like today) to make the dish.

Of course my clippings have become huge, and I've got them organized, but everything should really go into a binder. Ugh! More work, even more organization.

Right now, I have to don my bright yellow clogs and trek into the garden for fresh parsley and also empty the water out of the saucers, etc. We had a monsoon yesterday.

This week we will celebrate a wedding anniversary and will dine at Cilantro in Sharon, a wonderful jewel of a restaurant that always has creative fare and a warm welcome.

Warm is good. Think spring.


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