Monday, August 17, 2009

No Will Power Whatsoever

I no more had the "farmgirl" blog in my emailbox, than I bought 3 boxes of blueberries at .99 each at Roche Brothers. Next I was whipping up a recipes of these so-called Blueberry Breakfast Bars. I say so-called because they are also lunch bars, dinner bars and snack bars. I'm going to freeze some for our road trips. We like to lunch in the byways, parks, and along a lake or a stream. The Blueberry Breakfast Bars would indeed break any fast.

Easy to make, but the 3 layers take a bit of time. Time well spent.

I used 1/4 whole wheat flour instead of all white. Used the Silver Palate special oatmeal which I happened to have. If the berries are sweet like mine were, you can cut down on the sugar. Used half Crisco, half-butter for the streusel topping. Tasted like a million dollars.

We are also eating a tomato rice soup from Provence this week, which is lo-cal and extra yummy, conditions which do not always go together. I should have baked a nice loaf of bread but we're eating breadsticks. I like the skinny "grissini."

Another ripe tomato from he garden, but the cherry tomatos have the blight. Damn, they were doing so well.



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