Saturday, August 08, 2009

Cyber-warfare novel

The takedown of Twitter and news of various other hacks always makes me think of my cyber-war novel, The Shadow Warriors.

If "information warfare" broke out, I'd be sitting in the catbird seat with a cool book about it, but how would I sell the book, which is mainly sold via the Internet?

In the meantime, Spenser's Mystery Books is featuring The Shadow Warriors this week, and here is the link. Way cheaper than Amazon by the way.

On the food front, I tried an original Mexican recipe from Bon Appetit, and the sauce has a big afterkick that maybe the guests won't like. The chilis were not supposed to be hot, but no one told the chilis. We're having the spicy sauce on a pork tenderloin, and I'm serving grilled corn, zucchini, summer squashe and egg plant. All saturated with fresh herbs from the garden and healthy olive oil. Salad will have an avocado to carry out the mostly Mexican theme.

I made lemon-lime ice milk in my ice cream maker, and I'm dipping mint sprigs in dark chocolate for a garnish. How cool is that? Stay tuned for the photos. The table looks great, too. Sometimes it's nice to make the effort.



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