Sunday, August 02, 2009

An Alert Reader

An alert reader wrote:
You took the Hy-Line, the movie theater was razed, and the last movie was the Poseidon Adventure.
Apropos Nantucket. Did I misspell Traffik? See the cars, avoid the cars. Watch the cars trying to go up the one-way streets the WRONG way. Look at the blond women on their cell phones. Run fast!

I try to be meticulous in my novels, but not so much in the blog. Ye gods, who knows? Maybe literary agents are combing it for typos as a reason to reject.

Lots of interesting books reviewed in the NY Times today. No doldrums this August.

Smoked salmon (wasn't sure about the spelling of "lox") and bagels for breakfast today in honor of the houseguests. Me, I'm an Eastern Colorado girl who would just have soon have white toast and jelly.

The girl can't help it.

Some good thoughts for my novel's plot today. Sometimes a bit of down time is a good thing.

So sad, yesterday, at Kate's Mystery Bookstore, when all the authors that Kate has supported over the years arrived to help back. The famous and like moi, the not-so-famous. Kate has a generous heart and will sorely be missed by readers of the genre as well as us scribblers. Alas, alas.


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