Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fresh Peach Ice Cream

Basically, except for my workout, all I have accomplished today is to make fresh peach ice cream and clean off my desk. Get web space for an organization. Answer questions. Clean up the kitchen. Get the ingredients out for potato pancakes. Make David Eyer's Hawaiian Pancake for breakfast, download a printer driver for my MAC that didn't work, decide on a new printer, clean the bathroom, medicate the cat, make a shopping list, send a bunch of emails. Figured out (I think) how to migrate from Money (love it!) to Quicken.

Even on a day when you do nothing, you do lots. Now I have missed my favorite food network programs, but I'm drinking good rum, and both cats are curled up and asleep lending an air of quietude to the home office.

Poor Annie seems to be wearing out. No energy. Sleeps all the time. Can barely jump on her chair. Very sad.

I haven't seen the new calf and her mother and suspect their owner has sold them back to where the mother came from. Major bummer. Iris and Maryann are hanging out and the third cow is in the herd but everyone else is gone, baby gone.

The people from the condo association showed up today and dug a trench through the back yard, trying to find out where the sprinkling sysem stopped working. Always something. Many reasons to drink rum.

The potato pancakes will be wonderful. I love potato pancakes. My recipe is from the Wall Street Journal. Go figure.

The market went up on this day or rain and unproductiveness. A productive day is when you write at least a few pages or do major edits. Not today. Not yet.

Tonight we will watch Oliver (1968) and that will be much fun. Good movie, good cast, good plot, good writer. Thank you Charles Dickens.


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