Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sickly Sweet

This is a rant about sugar. Everything is too sweet! The sandwich bread today practically ruined the tuna salad because the bread tasted like sweet rolls. I mean, really. I noticed the cranberry sauce recipe on the bag of cranberries had upped the sugar from 1 to 1 1/2 cups. Too sweet! In baking, I rely on my old standards, and approach new recipes with a certain sweet suspicion. Too much sugar? Sometimes, the answer is yes.

My god, even bottled water comes in sweet flavors now. Eeeeww!

When I worked, every morning I watched the sweet young things (SYT's) dump 3 -7 spoonsful of sugar into their coffee or tea, then add about half a cup of cream. What were they drinking? Looked like dessert to me.

O.K., I'll put a teaspoon of sugar on the grapefruit half, or add a bit to the fruit salad, but this over sugaring of everything is an offense to the palate. My friend actually likes the cheap pancake syrup over maple syrup. Well, duh, it's sweeter. But she drinks prune juice, a sugary sweet concoction that ought to be illegal.

Sometimes, even ice cream is too sweet. Cocktails are too sweet. Cereal? Don't even mention cereal. I stick to shredded wheat and five-minute oatmeal. We like a bit of brown sugar on oatmeal, but not mountains of it.

Bread is the worst. You have to read every freaking label to find whole wheat that isn't loaded with sugar, honey and high fructose corn syrup. Sweet bread ruins the sandwich.

I don't know. Maybe if everyone's teeth rotted. Won't happen. No wonder we are a nation of the obese with adult onset diabetes running rampant.

The sugar substitutes aren't much better. They are even sweeter.

If life hands you lemons, squeeze them over your food.



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