Sunday, April 26, 2009

Craig's List

My son turned me on to Craig's List like six or seven years ago. We listed 3 house sales on Craigs List when we downsized from our big house to a smaller condo. We sold the pool table lamp and the dart board that had been left in the condo. We also sold a microwave and a TV set, and gave away an exercycle to a deserving old man.

Just a few weeks ago, I bought a used Apple on Craig's list. We bought a furnished doll house.
I sold my Honda.

I signed up for psychological tests for pay to get some extra $$$.

Craig's List is my go to place, so it was unsettling last week when the Craig's List Killer struck. The thing is, I had never noticed the personals. I mean who would look unless you were, well, looking. Been in those hotels often, for legitimate purposes. Never seemed like a place for that kind of hanky panky and then a killing.

Doctors (and would-be doctors) make the worst murderers. They think they're so smart and they screw up so badly. I'm only thinking of some Boston murderers. My cat could do a better cover up.

So, will I continue to patronize Craig's List? Sure. No commission. No hassle. I'll be a little more careful. I have to admit it was weird to count out all that cash for the car on the kitchen table.


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