Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gloom & Doom in Publishing

Today's Galley Cat had one sob story after another about the publishing business. Everything from Border's going under next year (maybe) to a writer saying let's have fewer stupid books, and some riffs about e-books.

I feel like a veteran of these wars. Published an e-book. At the time, you couldn't give them away. Publisher went under, got back my rights and took The Shadow Warriors to a POD outfit. No respect. Tried to find my book on Amazon by its title yesterday and there were something like 103 books with Shadow and Warriors in the title or blurb and somehow The Shadow Warriors was coming up 104. Merde, she said. Wrote a stupid rant on Amazon. With Amazon the owner of the POD company, you'd think they'd bump it up a bit.

Why does one bother? Because there are still a few people who believe in me. That's all I need.

The Christmas baking has begun. I have mini-cheesecakes just out of the oven with some cranberry topping, and savory cheese sticks ready to bake. Glazed spices pecans ready to glaze. Lots of activity in the kitchen tomorrow. Bustle, and good smells.

The tree is up but not decorated. It is huge, large enough for any number of cats to snooze under it. Drinking water like a fish.

Shopping almost done. Cards almost ready. Wrapping not started. Preparations progressing apace. Ho. Ho. Ho.

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