Saturday, December 06, 2008

Four Uses for an Olde Pumpkin

4) Hollow out and use as a soup tureen

3) A Stool for a very small person (remove stem first)

2) Roll down into the slough for the critters to gnaw on

1) Cut into smallish pieces and feed to the Scottish Highland Cattle

Most years we opt for 2 (roll down the hill toward the slough), but this year we had a big pumpkin which had never been carved, i.e., a pristine pumpkin. S.O. chopped it up and put it into a big bag and we drove over to see our buddies with two bags of fruit and vegetable scraps, including ultra-yum organic carrot tops, and the large bag of pumpkin pieces.

Something weird with the cows. The four moms (Maggie, Iris, Mary Ann and Crooked Horn) were in the pasture, and the other 7 (various babies, half-grown and adult) cows were in the corral.

We drove to the pasture, and gave the four moms a feast. There was LOTS of bawling and mooing from the corral--they must have figured it out and wanted some, too.
In the photo, Iris comes running for a treat.

The cows loved the pumpkin, but we had so much we saved 2/3 for another feast, when everyone can partake. I bet eleven can chomp down that pumpkin in no time.

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