Monday, November 03, 2008

Why I Am For Obama

Once upon a time I was a Republican. My mom was a committeewoman for the party in Denver and my dad was only slightly to the left of John Birch. I shook hands with the Nixons. We went to Republican picnics. I voted for Nixon. When I began wavering in the more liberal direction, I registered as an Independent and voted for John Anderson. Does anyone remember John Anderson?

After that I voted mostly for Democrats, while still registered as an Independent. Of course, I voted for Governor Weld in Massachusetts, but the so-called Wellesley Republicans are a dying breed, usurped by the Southern right wing bloc of the party. . The older I get, the more liberal I become. It’s supposed to work the other way. I like to think with age comes wisdom.

On the cover of the New York Times (elitist Eastern rag) this morning, two photos ran side by side. One was of two old farts in Florida, McCain supporters, and they were fat and well, they didn't look like intellectual giants. Next to them were two young Obama supporters. They are the future, and we are looking at the future now, and I'm a not very young white woman and I like the look of the future. Obama is the future.

Obama is a good person. You can see his goodness shining through. He doesn’t have McCain’s naked ambition, win at any cost, damn the torpedoes, damn the ethics, full speed ahead. Power will not corrupt Obama. Obama is tough, but in a good way.

He’s smart. He’s thoughtful. He’s steady. He believes in getting good advice. He’ll even put some honest Republicans in responsible positions. He won’t be afraid to say ‘no,’ and he won’t be the kind of person to whom people are afraid to deliver bad news.

He’s respected globally. Think what that means to this country. This campaign has tested him, and he has not been found wanting. He grows before our eyes, commanding respect and even love.

It’s time. Time for a change, time for Obama. People who think, those who can reason, understand this. It’s the most important election in our lifetime. Obama won’t be perfect, but he’ll do all right. Experience isn’t everything. Look at the mess those with “experience” got us into. That kind of “experience” we can eschew.

Obama is the future. Look into the future. Cast your vote. Change is always scary, but change is good.

Vote for Obama! Vote for the future.

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