Saturday, November 01, 2008

Stumping for Obama in New Hampshire

This is the first election ever when I have given money to a candidate. This is the first election ever that I have actually got involved.

Today, for the second time, I drove up to New Hampshire, this time with three other women I had never met. We had a ball!

The enthusiasm for Barak Obama is so contagious, so real, so heartfelt, that I feel like I am a part of something pure and good and forward moving. How often does that happen?

At campaign headquarters in Nashua, as in Salem, the people were organized, pleasant, and snacks and water were handed out, we were given good directions--it was like clockwork, but clockwork with a heart.

In the neighborhoods, the first man we spoke with said his family was for Obama all the way and they were voting a democratic ticket. Which mean Jeanne Shaneen would also get a vote. Seniors told us they had already voted for Obama. A man who said he was a Republican was voting for Obama. O.K., it wasn't all beer and skittles.

Someone announced he was for Sarah Palin, who is obvious getting the "babe" vote. Someone else told us he didn't like Biden. We said, as to the Palin person, Palin/Biden is not running for president. Some people watch too much Fox TV. Whatchagonnado?

Overall, it was a positive experience, and some people had already voted. Some were prepared for long lines. The weather was cool but pleasant and the sun shone most of the day. I walked a lot and talked a lot, and for all the people not home, we left literature.

It feels good to be doing something positive, making a contribution to change. We heard Obama was ahead 10-12 percent in New Hampshire, and if that's true, I feel just a wee bit responsible.

To be truthful, I am a basket case about the election, and just want it to be over and for my candidate to be the victor. Then we can move on and forward. Everyone is totally paranoid, thinking the Republicans will steal another election. Like the did in 2000.

I'm hoping all the young people vote. They were at HQ today in droves. Clean cut, too, not a bunch of bearded socialists and anarchists and whateverists. This is so great.

Tired and windburned, but happy,


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