Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Holy freakin' crap. I made some dynamite cookies today. For the recipe, follow this little old link:

I think my oven is reluctant to heat, because I had to bake them at least 5 minutes longer than indicated, but they were oh-so-good, and of course we can't leave them alone. They went together really fast. I was in a hurry to bake them and get out of the house, and the mixing and sifting were no big deal.

I also liked that they aren't too sweet. They tasted ultra-sweet when I was scarfing them off the hot cookie sheet, but by this evening they're just right. And were are talking serious chocolatey-ness. And common ingredients. Only 1/4 cup chocolate chips, so this recipe didn't break the bank, either, an important consideration in these times of job loss and the stock market not just in the toilet, but the toilet has flushed and your investments are deep in the sewer. Eeeeww!

I've revised my last scene yet again, in In Flight, my WIP novel, and it's just about there. Even though I have two flashbacks, I've discovered they're best approached with dialog and not straight narrative. And ye gods, I think the main character is going to acquire a cat as she had threatened to in the first scene. The cat just appeared and it looks like the one I saw that needed a good home when I was campaigning for Obama. Crazy, huh? Now if the REAL kitty has found a good home.

Thisbe has been diagnosed with diabetes again. Hopefully this is temporary as it was last time. I discovered the entire unopened box of needles can't be used because the vet changed medicines and these syringes are the "right" size. Ye gods, I'm thinking of going into a bad neighborhood and flogging the needles to well, to someone. I don't think I can advertise them on Craig's list. This is so annoying.

And of course it's no fun for me or the cat to have to go thru these shots once a day. Cat freaks. I freak. Have to calm myself with . . . Dark Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies. Yes. Once a day.

I'm taking a Brussels Sprouts/Cauliflower casserole to our hostess for Thanksgiving and also a pumpkin cheesecake. And wine. Always wine. The problem is, I didn't really read the recipe for the vegetable dish, and it has like pints of heavy cream and a sh__load of cheese, artery clogging and filling, but yowza! I can almost guarantee the guests will digest every milligram of vitamin A. Good calcium, a bit of protein, some beta carotene. Bring it on!

Of course I am breaking the BIG RULE that says you never cook anything for the first time for company, although since I'm TAKING it, they aren't really company. Hoping for leftovers.
We had an omelet tonight, using the last of the grated mixed Italian cheese and the bits of red pepper. It was good. I gathered the last of the parsley from the garden this morning and picked some sage.

Winter is here. It's colder than a well digger's ass.



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