Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wild Atlantic Salmon

O.K., I'm a salmon snob, which is to say I like the wild salmon, not the farm raised mushy, strong/strange tasting fish.

Today at Roche Brothers in Wellesley, there was a fantastic looking piece of wild salmon. Kids, they don't give it away, and after I told the guy behind the fish counter to wrap it up, I damn near fainted when I looked at the price tag. Yikes!

The first thought had been to smoke it, but then it would taste like smoked salmon, good, to be sure, but it seemed too fine a fish to just smoke.

In mid-afternoon, I went thru my recipes, and nothing appealed. It was also raining buckets. I googled around and found Epicurious recipe for lime-grilled salmon with lime butter sauce. Shoot, we had limes and butter and salmon. I even had my few fancy plane grater like they use on the food channel.

Got busy again. Pretty soon it seemed like a good idea to start dinner. Ooops! Why is it so dark? Because the sun had set. I hustled about fixing the rice and broocoli and grating the lime rind with my new grater, careful not to mix in any bits of knuckle. No need for extra protein tonight.

The lime butter sauce went together quickly. Pitch dark now, raining dripping from the leaves, Significant Other's back out most mysteriously, and the fire just about ready. Put lantern out by grill. Puny insufficient light.

Take flashlight, timer, and fish to deck. S.O. puts fish on the grill. Timing to the minute. Turn fish. More timing. Fire kind of wimpy, fish not done. Or is it? Take flashlight to grill and inspect. Yes! Perfect. Carry fish gingerly into house, careful not to fall up stairs, or do anything really stupid like drop fish.

Cover with foil, bring food to the table. Sprinkle lime zest and lime butter sauce on fish. Looking truly succulent.

We eat!

Yowza, this is one for the books, but in a good way. Enough left for tomorrow. Sauce is dynamite. Salmon is moist and tastes like it should.

Bring in lantern, timer, tongs, spatlula, and whatever else was left in the dark. Remind self to get an earlier start now that the days grow short.

Feel virtuous for having a good well-balanced meal. No dessert tonight.


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