Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wardrobe Malfunction

The limericks just keep spinning in my head. Readers are invited to submit their own. Nothing porno or inflammatory please. Grapeshot runs a clean blog.

Caribou Barbie at Neiman’s and Saks
Shopping fiendishly off the racks.
The RNC put up the dough.
Caribou Barbie, way to go!

Caribou Barbie’s suits are pricey
Undivine Sarah’s politics are dicey.
Caribou Barbie, working class mom,
The 150,000 dollar wardrobe is going to bomb

Caribou Barbie, why not Kohl’s or Sears?
Caribou Barbie, better change gears.
Caribou Barbie, hockey mom and huntress
VP Candidate, how you do affront us!

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