Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Links to Outstanding Recipes + Politics But Not As Usual

Below are links to the recipes in yesterday's photos with some notes about Chicken Marbella.
Notes for Chicken Marbella: I used legs, thighs and breasts. Meat with bones always tastes better, likewise skin, even if you remove it later. Used French olives with Herbes de Provence instead of the called-for olives, which the store did not have. Everything else pretty much the same. Parsley and oregano from the garden. For the wine I used white vermouth, my standard white cooking wine.

If anyone has the Silver Palate Cookbook (the original), apparently the recipe is from there.

My friend Joan brought the most fabulous cookies, cookies supremely tasty and not too sweet. We have old-time taste buds that like sugar, but not overpowering sweetness. I'm finding that some of the current dessert recipes are too damn sweet. But not these. Don't know where they are available. Effie's Cookies. Don't they even sound old fashioned. They look totally plain, but zowie, what a nice flavor. One could even say comforting.

We were six at dinner Monday, and the table was quite jolly with good conversation. Writers always carry on in a spirited manner. Annie the cat schmoozed shamelessly. Thisbe, of course, was under the bed.

Last, but hardly least is a link to the New Yorker recommendation for Barak Obama. It's so thoughtful and reasoned, so unlike the Republican campaign of vituperation and slander.



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