Saturday, October 04, 2008

Doggerel for an October Day

I went to New Hampshire to work for Obama and the Democrats today, a beautiful fall day when most people were out or did not answer the door (so few doorbells, so many inaccessible front doors) or whatever. To the brave souls who dared confront a slightly pudgey not-very-young campaigner with a big smile and an Obama button, you rock!

Last night, I composed a bit of doggerel inspired by the debate and the web and all the hoop-la.
It's not great poetry and I could do better if I spent more than 20 minutes but hey, doesn't spontaneity count?

Caribou Barbie, Vice-President Wannabe

Caribou Barbie flying in low
She hails from the state of ice and snow.

Caribou Barbie making beaucoup waves.
Mooseburger and Caribou are menu faves.

Caribou Barbie on climate change:
Polar Bears must find a new home on the range.

Caribou Barbie so colloquial and homey
On a clear day from Wassilla you can see a few commie.

Caribou Barbie standing on a ridge
Scouting out a site for the infamous bridge.

Caribou Barbie hockey mom and mayor.
For Rape Kits in Wasilla, the victim is the payer.

Caribou Barbie cooks with polar bear helper
While she shoots at wolves from a helicopter.

Caribou Barbie reads no papers or books
She scorns all those elitist hooks.

Caribou Barbie, McCain’s weird pick
Caribou Barbie, our Northwoods hick.

Here is a link to a couple of interesting photos that claim not to be photo-shopped.

Make up your own mind.


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