Saturday, September 13, 2008

Out and About in the City

Yesterday we were at an art auction in downtown Boston, and as usual, the trip had an educational aspect, but not in the ways one would anticipate.

Hint: if you like to avoid eating with small children or if you have small children and would like to go out to eat, Legal Seafood in the Park Plaza neighborhood on a rainy Friday is just the ticket. I ate the spicy fish and chips (Yowza!) and S.O. had gumbo. Drank a glass of Fernaccia from Tuscany that hit the spot.

Fashion. Black is the new black. You can mix black and brown. Who knew? A black top and slacks with a tan safari type jacket is the cat's meow.

Jeans go with everything, especially with long legs. Ballet flats good. Long blond hair always good, the less styled the better. Boston didn't look so unstylish yesterday, but maybe because I am so friggin' out of it. My navy blazer and tan slacks looked so . . . yesterday, so suburban, so matronly.

If you have a new house and need good art on the walls--we are NOT talking Kincaid here, hie yourself to one of the Skinner auctions and pick up some nice paintings under $400.00. Hard to believe, when some of the shopping center art in its yuckky awfulness goes for thousands. Portraits are especially a good bargain. Tell someone it's your great aunt.

Weird man on the subway, asking for spare change. Usually someone weird on the subway, but that's the not-so-discreet charm of the city.

Get out and about. Away from the TV. You didn't want to hear about Sarah Palin's trip to Ireland anyhow. The plane refueled. Hey, I saw the coast of Vietnam once. Does that count?
O.K. enough.


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