Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Look Ma! No Interviews

I am aghast that Ms. Palin has yet to be interviewed. Am I crazy, or does everyone else think it's incredibly weird that a vice-presidential candidate cannot participate in an interview. Tonight S.O. mentioned that lots of guys are planning to vote for her, and my reply was unprintable in a family blog like this, but a little hint is what would the guys be voting with, and another hint is that it wasn't their brains.

Seems incredible to believe men are as stupid as women. The Hilary loyalists were hard to understand, There is an old saying, "cutting off your nose to spite your face," and it seems to happen every day.

I know my sex to be emotional, that being one of the bats I used to be beat over the head with on one job. Practically daily. "You're too emotional."

But guys? Voting for Caribou Barbie? Fantasies of the hunt? Goin' fishing? Fantasies of her coming on to them? I mean really. More people should have a life.

Today in Boston, you would have thought the Pope died, with all the caterwauling about Tom Brady. Now I love Brady and Belechik, something about their intensity is really appealing, but the man is injured, not dead, and football is a game of injuries, and the Pats have had their days in the sun and no one seems to want to take their lumps, as it were.

Grapeshot, your humble blogger, has been heard to say, "bah, humbug!" any number of times.

And today, again, the rains came.

Tonight, dinner was a pick up affair, with my own take on eggplant parmesan. We have three ripe tomatoes, garlic, onion, and a bit of green pepper. We had fresh fettucini, and one medium eggplant. Some parmesan and a modicum of mozzarella. And always basil, parsley,oregano and sage. Herbs make the meal.

It was incredibly tasty. I cooked everything in one skillet (except the pasta) and put it under the broiler for a minute or two for the cheese to melt. Vegetarian is good, but this was not low fat or low calorie. We can fight over the little bit left for lunch.

No polar bear helper or caribou helper or evern salmon helper involved. Would you shoot a caribou? Would you leave the polar bears to drown when the ice all melts? Such great creatures, and some politicians would write them off without a shrug.

I don't know. I don't know.

I wouldn't.

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