Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Dewy Morning Grass

My mother-in-law, bless her, claimed it was healthy to walk barefoot on the lawn when the grass was still wet with dew. I can't recall what health properties this wetting of the tootsies with the dew had, but it is a pleasant sensation, and I think of her whenever I indulge, which was this morning when I performed garden grooming, a chore that I do at least twice a week.

Grooming the garden is like cleaning up the kitchen after a meal. Do it regularly and it's small potatoes, Wait until you have a backlog and eeek!

Pulled up the spent green pepper plant, trimmed the dead leaves off the tomatoes, and cut spent blossoms off of practically everything. The nasturtiums are enjoying a second growth, and I have dozens of moss rose which reseeded themselves from last year and are blooming like mad. It's like, free plants!

The sun has shifted and some things are still doing well, while other flowers seem a bit forlorn. The dew may have benefited my general health, but I've been sneezing like mad since I went into the garden. We hope the hummingbird has begun her long migration. Say a little prayer for all the tiny birds that travel such long distances. They need our "bon voyage."

My mother-in-law had other beliefs that are non-standard. She thought it was bad luck to do laundry between Christmas and New Year's, and she also stated that if you put a few scales from the Christmas carp (ewww!) into your wallet, you'd always have money for the coming year. I tried that one, and it worked. Or was it because I stopped smoking? That will certainly put money in your pockets.

Whatever, it's way cool to pussy foot through the wet grass in bare feet.


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