Friday, September 26, 2008

Blogging From the End of the Road

The last roses of summer are rife here in Northern Nevada. Tomatoes still going crazy, and herbs strong and straight. Yesterday we picked peaches and tiny plums from the trees in the yard. This morning I made a compote of pears and peaches, and also an open faced tart with same.

Last night I concocted a tomatoes provencal from the contents of the yard. The sun is bright and the crysanthemums are ready to bloom. I've been sticking close to the house and don't beat up on myself for indulging in a bit of rum with ice in mid-afternoon with another one closer to the cocktail hour.

It's fun to take what is in the fridge, the pantry and the yard and concoct meals. Next month I'm taking a "writing about food class" at Brown. Ideas abound.

Reading and listening to the train at night are the other activities.

More anon.

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