Thursday, August 14, 2008

Not A Sparrow Falls

I just hate wildlife carnage on the highways. All sorts of unfortunate critters may end their days on a road, and today, just around the corner, I saw a baby river otter dead in the road. Such a dear little creature and it's so sad because he must have been born this spring back in the slough somewhere. S.O. saw an otter heckling ducks back there a few years ago.

And a bird was hit by the car in front of me. Naturally the most cautious driver cannot avert a bird flying into the car. Nonetheless, I was sad. We already had the tragedy of the fox and the duck perishing during their encounter on Oak Street.

Another fox was luckier, and we saw him/her dart into the bushes just before we turned into our neighborhood Monday night. We are semi-rural, but I'm not sure where a fox would live, but obviously they find a den somewhere. All the more reason to keep the cats in. Someone's kitty disappeared a few weeks ago. Happens all the time. I try to explain the facts of cat life to Annie, but she's sure she can take care of herself, a big portly cat with heart problems. Don't think so.

I fed the cows today, and they seemed quite congenial, and the babies are eating all the fruit and veggie scraps now, not just the tender lettuces. The black cow and her young bull keep their distance from the rest. Hmmm. What gives?

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