Monday, August 18, 2008

Nature News from All Over

A week ago, coming home from my writing group, a fox ran across the road and into the bushes just a few hundred yards from where we live. Very cool indeed. I lectured the cats on the topic of the fox and why it is inadvisable to sneak out at night, but they just looked at me. Maybe they know that they are each about the size of a fox these days, and would give the fox pause. Third fox I've seen in these parts.

Then two nights ago, a weird bark came from the slough. Didn't exactly sound like a dog. A fox? A coyote? Went to the open door and listened. More like a dog, but coming from a spot where NO DOG ever barked. Listened again. Most like a dog. Then the barking stopped. When the barking first started, a bull frog joined in the chorus.

In the front feeder, we have messy baby sparrows, baby finches, blues jays, cardinals, titmice, chicadees, and mourning doves. Everyone eats on the ground from the mess the sparrows make. Somewhat of a bird seed/poop mess on the porch, too.

Keeping all the feeders full and seed in the house, along with the cat food, catnip and litter is a fair amount of work. I should take some seed to the spot where we saw the wild turkeys.

Somewhere in New York State, we saw a flock with lots of baby turkeys. Very nice. Ohio has an interesting device for letting motorists know that a large animal is on the highway. Something to do with a camera and lights. Couldn't figure it out, but it must be a godsend if lots of deer are present.

A good corn crop this year. I noticed it before the newspaper. A farm girl, I never was, but I always lived in farm communities, and I don't know, it must get into the blood what good crops look like, because after all these years I can still eyeball wheat, corn and evern soybeans and tell you if the yield will be good or not. A useless talent, for sure.

Tonight we are having Spanish rice, which I usually just make, but today I'll look up a recipe to see if I can add some extra ooomph.

One of your fellow critters,



Lynn Heins said...

I was just closing the curtains in our living room, and one of these walked right up on our back deck with me standing dead still, came within inches of me on the other side of the glass and pranced off the deck into our bushes and went under the wood fence. Cool! I grabbed my camera and went outside but he was long gone. Lots of woods and a marsh around us. Cool! Can I post your pic to my blog???

Grapeshot/Odette said...

Sure, Lynn, you can definitely post the little critter to your blog. We had road kill that looked awfully like a fox. Hoping it was a raccoon. Last year a fox got hit by a car while chasing a duck. Both dead in the road. The fox is my totem.

Lynnie/ Lynn Heins said...

Cool...Thanks! I hate it when I see road kill. My grown daughter is extremely upset by how long the critter's little bodies stay on the road...she says they would never do that with humans! We are vegan. :O)
What a great totem!

Grapeshot/Odette said...

In some locales, the road workers are very good about removing roadkill, and in others, e.g. here in Massachusetts, not so. I had to drive by a fox that had been killed by a car for weeks it seemed. Painful, because I had seen the fox on my noontime strolls. I felt like I knew him.

Hooray for vegans! Good for you.