Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rainy Day Recipes

A nice soaking rain today, good for the newly planted garden. When I ventured forth in jammies to pick parsley, cilantro and thyme, I noticed the bad bunny had not munched on anymore of the heirloom beets. Oh bad bunny, you have caused such grief this spring.

When it's raining and you are trying absolutely ANYTHING to postpone writing, cooking is a good substitute. I whipped up a batch of Mixed-Nut shortbread, which is so easy, so delicious, and so altogether delightful, it makes not writing and the rain so right.

I also made an Italian wedding soup, substituting ground chicken for ground veal in my old recipe. Looked on the web, but none of the recipes were similar. I make tiny meatballs out of ground chicken and seasonings, and a soup from onion, garlic,escarole and chicken broth (and seasoning) and is it ever good, in fact we were supposed to eat it two nights and now there's only enough for 1 lunch after tonight. Pass the breadsticks and the parmesan and celebrate the rain.

The organic broth was at Ocean State Job Lot for $1.50, and the store charged for red leaf lettuce instead of escarole (duh!), and I substituted bread crumbs moistened for bread, and added a good grind of nutmeg, and total deliciousness ensued. Economical,too.

Queried a couple agents I found on, and entered a Linkedin profile. The day passed rather quickly and except for another edit of my short story, Bad Trip, I didn't write a word.

A new pork chop recipe from the grilling cookbook is next, with red bell pepper, fresh pineapple and jalapeno.

I'm so excited about grilling season and summer and my garden. As said before, obviously "a heart too soon made glad." What a lovely phrase. Thank you Browning, I think.

Grapeshot, whose heart is forever too soon made glad

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