Sunday, June 01, 2008

Halibut with Indian Rub and Corn Salsa

The halibut recipe has been languishing in my "grill" cookbook for two years. Roche Brothers here in the Boston area had halibut advertised (one doesn't always see it) and with a nice weather forecast, I got out my put-together-by-me grilling/smoking binder. Turned to fish, and this was the first recipe. Looked good, and all I needed to buy besides the fish was a cob of fresh corn and a bit of fresh ginger.

Kids, this was a terrific recipe, and far greater than the sum of it's parts. Highly recommend. 4 forks!

We grill over charcoal and simply followed the instructions in the recipe. Fish was perfect. Spices perfect. Corn salsa out of this world. What the hell? Five forks!
Most of the spices came from Penzey's mail order spices. Tumeric is something you won't ordinarily use a lot of, and you can order the small small size. Perfect.

It's fun to make your own rubs. Spices are the spice of life. Beautiful day in Boston.

We stopped at Ocean State Job Lot for suet cakes for the feeders. No luck, but I found lots of other stuff cheap. It was instructive that the pasta section, formerly two thirds of a big rack had shrunk to almost nothing, and part of that nothing was noodles that one could get cheaper at the supermarket. The denizens of my town have seen the prices of anything with wheat escalating and bought out the pasta aisle. I found granola at a good price, and Columbian chocolate (no it's really chocolate, not a drug) along with reasonably priced panko and a few other goodies. I used to think of going to the Job Lot as slumming, and now I think of it as smart.




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