Friday, June 13, 2008

Best Selling Books

Normally, I look at the New York Times Bestsellers everyweek in the Sunday NY Times Book Review section. Today I took a look at the Wall Street Journal's list and said, "huh?"

I didn't know most of the authors. How can this be? O.K. Lee Child is a given, and apparently his new book is really good. I came from Colorado and so I'm anxious to try to figure out where the book is set.

Lucky Stephanie Meyer has 3 books on the list. I googled her and she writes vampire/romance stuff which isn't on my radar. Wow! Three books. Must be doing something write, I mean right.

Didn't recognize Emily Griffin either. Looks like chic lit or mom lit or baby lit. Probably cute.
Laurel K. Hamilton was another writer I drew a blank on. Sci-Fi Romance. Jeez, vampire romance, sci-fi romance, mommy romance. Hmmmm. Lauren Weisburger I had heard of, but I saw the movie, didn't read The Devil Wears Prada. Maybe I should.

Dean Koontz, sure, a perennial best seller, as is James Patterson and whoever he's writing with. Steve Martini, another new one for me, writes legal thrillers.

Chuck Palahniuk has a new book. Snuff. Eeeww. Nuff said.

Patricia Cornwall. Yup!

Sebasian Faulks didn't ring a bell, but he is writing the new James Bond books, which I did read about. Shaken not stirred.

W.E. B. Griffin and a co-author are writing military adventures, that kind of thing. Sounded kind of like Clancy, but I am just doing a quick Google on all these people.

So: maybe a vampire, chic-lit romance with elements of law and some army adventures? I dunno. Nothing I will be writing soon.


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