Sunday, June 08, 2008

Barbequed Spare Ribs with Apricot-Ancho Glaze

Yowza! These were about the best ribs ever!

We limited ourselves to half a rack each and are doing penance with a South Beach Diet shrimp salad tomorrow, but I have to tell you, these ribs were supurb.

S.O. is gaining real cred as a grillmeister.

Penzey's has dried ancho chilis and all the rest of the fresh, price-wise spices you need:

The Apricot King (grown in the flavor zone) has wonderful dried apricots and other apricot products so fresh and tasty and vitamin-A rich!

The only changes in the recipe I made were 1) light brown instead of dark brown sugar and 2) my ancho chilis were huge, so I only used one. I left most of the seeds in and cut down a bit on the cayenne pepper. I also left the glaze sort of chunky, but not, you know, really chunky.

I substituted smoked paprika in the glaze because I was running low on sweet paprika. Be sure to reconstitute the ancho before you put it into the glaze mixture. The pepper water can be used to flavor other dishes if you have them on your recipe horizon.

The heirloom beets in my garden look good and the one that the bad bunny nibbled is recovering. Cilantro, dill and sage going crazy. Summertime!

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