Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sone Thoughts of the Cow Culture

Iris's tiny baby is so small I wonder if it wasn't born a bit early. She acted so weird after it was born. Off sulking in the trees leaving the newborn alone in the pasture.

The breakup of the little herd must have been traumatic. Maggie's five month old calf was sold down the river, so to speak. The brown cow and her calf are both gone, as is the poor young bull that none of them liked. Iris's old calf is gone. Maybe she misses it. She was always such a good mom with the first one. I'm wondering if the half-grown black calf is perhaps a bull. He ? has cute little horns.

Meanwhile, there's hardly any cars at the farm house, and the windows are dark at night. The kids don't get on the school bus, so I'm wondering if some human trauma is at play. God, there's nothing like a writer's overactive imagination to start me stewing. I always have people at death's door or some great crisis when there is an easy logical explanation.

But I feel sorry for the cows. A herd that small is a self-contained unit, and losing 5 members must cause a certain amount of bovine anguish.

Can you invent something to worry about?

We've off to Montreal, the Paris of the north to see the big Cuban art exhibit at the Montreal Fine Arts Museum. I have been looking forward to this for sooooo lonnnnng. Something different for Memorial Day. We usually visit burying grounds.

The cats freaked when the suitcases appeared. I told them it's only for 2 1/2 days, but how do you explain "time" to a cat? Or a cow?

Be kind to your fellow creatures.


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