Sunday, May 04, 2008

Old Farts at Wal-Mart

Ye gods, Wal-Mart has become super busy lately, and I guess that tells you something about the economy. We buy their kitty litter, which they are usually out of, but that's a different story.

After finding n0 litter, we popped into Dunkin' Donuts for, natch, a donut and coffee, and would you believe everyone in there was a senior and some of the folks, were senior-seniors. Looked like we had stumbled into a rest home cafeteria. Except for the guy (no spring chicken, either) who yakked to his lawyer on his cell phone the whole time, saying some pretty interesting stuff about lawsuits, his son, his money, yada yada. There is no vignette so small that it wouldn't interest a writer.

So found a tiny table amidst the wheel chairs and walkers and tired looking white-haired shoppers. Maybe Wal-mart has half-price perscriptions on Fridays. We bought Shout and Mouthwash and a bottle of Cranberry Juice.

Last time I was at Wal-Mart was on a Saturday. They place was mobbed, and people were dragging up multiple shopping carts. Looked like the world was going to end and everyone just had to buy a bunch of stuff first. Or something.

We bought one box of litter and two Polly Pockets dolls.

Thisbe (I missed cat blog day this week), has been extra pensive of late, and looks a bit out of sorts. I told her about the pope who visited Boston liking cats a lot. Thisbe has a white cross on her chest, and maybe she thinks she missed a special blessing or something. I don't know.

I'm leaving for Northern Nevada (nice alliteration, huh?) on Tuesday and trying to get out of town is always such a hassle. Idea for mystery novel set in a tiny town in the desert. I tell myself I won't write anymore mysteries, but if a plot comes, a writer answers.

So there.


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