Friday, May 30, 2008

The Escape Artist

La di dah! All the plants are in, with three days of digging and dirty fingernails behind me. Lily of the Valley in the woodland border was the last. I was a good gardener and watered everything with a transplant mixture. Our soil is rocky and planting, except in the raised beds, is always labor intensive. Those glaciers just left one helluva lotta rocks. Just one mosquito bite.

Annie the cat escaped and is enjoying eating grass and lazing in the sun. Nothing beats a nap outside, I guess. Birds are not pleased and are scolding her.
So everything is ready for a rainy weekend. After all that work, it would be nice to sit on the deck and enjoy the newly planted flowers, but they will welcome the rain, too. Pictures of the garden soon.
The bad bunny struck again, only this time he ate the most common of wild flowers, except that it is the one I bought, the goldenrod, not the one growing wild. Grrrr! So far he has struck the tulips, the verbena, the crocus, and the creeping phlox. And the goldenrod. What is one to do about such a naughty critter?

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