Friday, April 25, 2008


Warby's? Wendy's is buying Arby's or is Arby's buying Wendy's? When our kids were small, we used to go to Arby's a lot, eating the roast beef sandwiches with the yummy barbeque sauce and the delicous little potato cakes. Doesn't take much to please hungry boys.

I may have been to Wendy's once or twice, but I haven't "done" fast food since my mom died. No, I didn't take a vow not to eat it or anything, but when I visited my mother during her last years of decline in Arizona, there were mostly fast food places in the neighborhood, and once I ate at McDonald's twice in one day. Visited the colonel, too. There's a reason grease and carbs are called "comfort food." Over the years I have lost most of my taste for it. But not for fried chicken or cheese burgers, Never.

Tomorrow I'm taking the subway into town for Grub Street's The Muse and the Marketplace.
Signed up for two days of writing seminars. Not that I have been writing much. A few edits to Festival Madness which now has two rejections. I have been sending out some queries, so we'll see how it goes.

Yesterday I read an interview with Agent Nat Sobel in Poet & Writers about getting a first novel published, and the news was not good.Or pretty. Last night I had an endlessly complicated dream about snobbery and exclusion, and in the dream I told someone that I wrote "commercial fiction." Looking back on the dream, it was more of a nightmare, in a genteel sort of way.

Genteel nightmares!

Ah well, it's a nice spring day and S.O. has had a most mysterious knee relapse, trashing plans to drive to Chatham for lunch today, so I'll work in the garden instead and send off a few more queries.



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