Friday, April 11, 2008

Festival Madness Gets Its First Rejection

Each book, one thinks, "this time it will be different," but there's a sameness to rejection, like waves lapping on the beach.

There are agents who have one or two "token" female clients and the rest are male and these agents generally like "guy books," with guy humor and guy adventures and guy stuff, so why did I even approach this agent? Well, he was at Sleuthfest, and that's the only reason.

And of course he said that,"your idea does not sound like something that I would be interested in representing." So there.

The trouble is, this isn't obviously a "girl" book, either, unless you associate girl's with technology and Molotov cocktails and adulterous behavior. Not chic lit. Not hen lit. Not cozy, not traditional. Not saleable? Well, we shall see. One of these days I'm going to have to scream, "fuck it!' and either a) stop writing and earn real money or b) suck it up and learn to write commercial fiction in a genre with the convensions observed. Anyone reading my books would understand that isn't exactly possible in any sincere kind of way. One of the things I really really like about Antonioni's movies is that he has alienated women and that's something you don't see very often and they aren't alienated in a femaley, touch-feeley way but honest-to-god-alientated. Love it.

God knows, World of Mirrors with it's now 60+ rejections does not appear to be saleable with the East German locale and the technology and history and bad guys all thrown into the mix with a dose of humor and craziness.

My mother said, "you always have to learn everything the hard way." To this day, I wonder if there is an easy way.

Our small guest is having difficulties with Roman Numerals, and like riding a bicycle, they are something you always know once you've learned them. The hard way. Or the easy way.

I have to buy a greeting card, drop off the cleaning, buy some groceries, make a tart and all kinds of unalienated female types of activities.

One of these days. . . .

Grapeshot, sucking it up big time

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