Friday, March 28, 2008

Three Mad Meows

Annie, a contemplative cat, trying to figure things out.
Friday, as you may recall, is Cat Blog Day. I think it was someone blogging Proust who first mentioned it. Grapeshot, writing as Odette, has a Proust blog (Reading Proust in Foxborough) as well as Suck It Up and a new blog, The Cheeseparer, is also up and running. As you may have intuited, The Cheeseparer is about money saving tips during times of recession and inflation. I have discovered the whole world is blogging this, and most newspapers also have articles about same. The Cheeseparer
looks for the most interesting and useful articles and provides links and commentary. Once I have a little more free time (ha! ha! ha! hysterical laughter!) I'll put in some el cheapo recipes that are a) tasty and b) nutricious.

Back to Cat Blogging. When S.O. came home from the hospital after a sojourn of 6 days, Annie came to greet him, but it was more like a dressing down. Meow! Meow! Meow! Each meow louder and more strident, angrier, as it were. Where were you? Why did you leave me? Don't let that happen again!

So all is still not quite forgiven, and S.O. is holed up in the bedroom, which is Thisbe's territory.
Thisbe, who took to the absence by following me all over the house and then refusing to leave the foot of the bed, has her own tale of woe. The bedroom is her safe refuge and under the bed
is the safest spot in the house.

Yikes! There has been a parade of visiting nurses and physical therapists and they all come into the bedroom, unlike most guests who gravitate to the living room. Where is a cat going to be safe?
Dare one comment on hospital food? Well, it ain't gourmet. Oddly enough, the cafeteria selections at the institution, were quite edible, in fact the Buffalo Chicken Wings were outtasight! But the poor patients: yech.
So here we are with some lovely bouquets adorning the house and two cats who are still out of sorts. Whatchagonna do?
I haven't written one word, not even a query. Later, later.

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