Monday, February 25, 2008

Off to Florida

We/re taking off amid rain and snow for sunny Florida tomorrow. I'm attending a writing conference, and doing a reading with a manuscript critique and an agent/editor appointment. In other words, the Full Monte. I practiced the reading twice, once before my writing group and again before a public speaking group. Still am not perfect, to wit, I stumble over a few word, especially introducing myself.

This is kind of a last ditch effort to revive my so-called career as a crime fiction writer. No matter what the upshot is, it will be fun to be in Florida with fellow writers, schoozing and boozing and talking writing.

The last time I attended this particular conference, four years ago, an agent asked for the completed draft of Promiscuous Mode, and guess what? I'm still waiting to hear from him. He didn't take phone call or answer emails, nor did he return my SASE. This is the kind of action that knifes a writer's heart. (See a previous post from Kate Flora's blog).

This morning I gave myself possibly the worst manicure in the history of hands. Somehow it's all chipped and icky looking and it takes a lot to make colorless nail polish look icky. I managed.

Last night I watched the ending of Pride and Prejudice, with forays to the Academy Awards. Lots of drama and conflict on both. I'll miss "In Treatment" while I'm gone, but there's always a way to catch up on HBO programs.

We watched Frederico Fellini's 8 1/2 last week. What an interesting film. And how Felliniesque, with a few touches I had noticed in La Dolce Vita. There were tons of roles for aging women, not something you often see. Anouk Aimee (not aging) chain smoking and looking incredibly cool. If you haven't seen some Fellini movies, hie thee to the nearest rental store. Or Netflix. We are liking Netflix a lot.

Maybe I'll have writing tips, or writing gossip, or even good news when I return. To repeat, this is sort of a last ditch effort. In March I'm going to plow full speed ahead, damn the torpedos into Such Stuff As Dreams.



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hotdogman said...


I noticed you send me referral traffic from this blog yet I don't see any links.

First of all, THANK YOU.

Secondly, how are you sending traffic? More "bleeding edge" internet stuff?

Anyhow, Thanks again and come by for a hot dog when I open up! Mention who you are and get FREE MUSTARD! ;o)