Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Slough in Autumn After the Leaves

The Slough in late fall with deck railing in the foreground. We have frogs, turtles, the occasional otter, lots of birds, and a few deer who show up sporadically.

The dog next door barks her head off some evenings, leading me to think that other nocturnal critters may be about. I've seen rabbits, but there could be opossum, raccoons and skunks. Once I spotted a red fox.

Chipmunks and squirrels scavage for acorns and nuts. A cheeky chipmunk has moved into the pile of firewood on the front porch. Thisbe sniffs around the logs when she ventures out. Winter is icumen in. I hope the salamanders are underground.

In the garden, the parsley continues and the sage, now a bush, is stupendous. Creeping thyme still green and little springs of cilantro are still growing. I am curious as to how long the parsley will stay green and unfrozen.

The cats have put on winter speck, which they don't need. Cats and diets! Those big sad eyes. The pitiful meows. The outrage that the bottom of the dish is visible. Guess who's a soft touch? I should tell the cats to suck it up.


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